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We believe that every child in the US, regardless of socioeconomic status, should have access to activities, food and information that help them to live healthy and happy lives.


Through our core curriculum and program activities, we strive to “fill the gap” for students, administrators, teachers, parents, and the community at large in underserved communities where information, resources, wellness education, healthy food and activities are limited or nonexistent.

The Bubble Foundation believes that every school that lacks the resources or expertise to implement a wellness program should be given the opportunity to build this important topic into its curriculum.

At Bubble, we provide – free of charge – information, food, and activities that help people make choices that lead to healthier lives for their families.


Bubble began as a small organization seeking to make a significant difference in one charter school  – the Haven Academy in Mott Haven in the Bronx.

In our first year, Bubble helped them adopt a wellness policy, which included weekly nutrition classes for grades K- 3, implementation of a family-style meal program, and influenced the school to bring in a healthy school lunch vendor.

Bubble created a rooftop garden at the school and partnered with a local community garden to plant vegetables that were then harvested and used in school meals. We also provided Haven’s first physical education classes for students in grades K-3.

Since that first successful program at Haven, Bubble’s reach has grown exponentially, filling the gap for schools in throughout New York City and serving over 6,000 students in underserved communities with our in EATS, MOVES, and GROWS programming.