The Bubble Foundation offers a unique approach to health and wellness education.

We work directly in schools free of charge as part of the school’s curriculum.

Each partnership lasts for two full school years, building a foundation for a long-term wellness program, and serves the entire school through three main focus areas: Bubble EATS, Bubble MOVES, and Bubble GROWS.

Bubble EATS Bubble MOVES • Bubble GROWS

Bubble EATS

Bubble EATS provides nutrition education and special programming to students, teachers, and families. Bubble recruits volunteer teachers with backgrounds in health, wellness, and nutrition, and trains them to deliver nutrition classes using our Bubble curriculum. We reinforce and expand this education with special programs such as visits to local gardens and farmers markets, garden creation, cooking demonstrations and classes, family meals and parent education.

EATS offerings include:

  • Weekly Nutrition Classes
  • Cooking Skills and Demonstrations
  • Science/Math Curriculum Integration
  • Family Meals
  • Family/Community Programming
  • Wellness Committee Development