ways to give

Your donation provides children with vital programming that instills life­long healthy habits that lead to happy and healthy lives.  Your contribution helps get kids moving, trying new foods, and exploring how things grow.  Below are just a few examples of how your gift supports Bubble’s mission:

$50.00 Family Wellness Workshop

Funds a health cooking and wellness workshop with parents and family members in the schools we serve.

$250.00 Farm Field Trip

Sponsors a farm field trip for our students to explore firsthand how our food grows.

$1,000.00 Family Meals for a Year

Provides a year’s worth of family meals in our of our schools for kids and their families to enjoy healthy food and conversation together.

$2,500.00 Sets up a New School Partner

Funds the necessary kitchen equipment, books, and supplies to run our programs in a new school.

$5,000.00 EATS Cooking Program for a School

Provides the fresh whole food and ingredients needed to teach our EATS cooking classes to all students in a school over a year.

$10,000.00 GROWS Gardening Program for a School

Funds delivery of our GROWS garden education program in a school, including a learning garden, farm field trips, and weekly classes that explore the science of how food grows.

$25,000.00 School Sponsorship

Sponsors one full year of Bubble cooking, gardening, and physical activity programming for kids and their families in a Bubble school for an entire year.



Make a direct donation to Bubble today:

Donate to Bubble using Justgive.org the online destination for charitable giving.

Or mail your contribution to:
Bubble Foundation, Ltd.
142 Greene Street 4N
New York, NY 10012
(212) 203-4956
[email protected]


Corporate Giving & Matching Gift Programs

Many companies provide matching gift programs to encourage employees to contribute to charitable organizations. Check with your company’s human resources or pay¬roll department to see whether it offers a match¬ing gift program and please consider making Bubble your charity of choice!



You and/or your company could also become a corporate partner, a major program or event sponsor, or even specify Bubble as your charity of choice in your work¬place giving campaigns. Need ideas? Contact us today at [email protected]


“MOVE!” for Bubble

Run a 10K, climb Mount Kilimanjaro, organize a Dance-a-Thon or a Charity Spin Class – Get your MOVE-on for Bubble today! We are happy to offer assistance to help organize one of these events. Please contact us to get started today [email protected]